Out-of-State Student Experience


Name: Jasmine Waterman

Hometown: Edwards, CA

Year: Senior

Major: Communications



Hello Mason Patriots! My name is Jasmine Waterman and I am an out-of-state student from California. I am in my fourth and final year at Mason. It is awesome that you all have decided to attend George Mason for the next few years. Being an out of state student at Mason gave me the opportunity to bring what I have learned back home and bring it into the culture of George Mason as well as learning from others. I hope you all enjoy your time here at Mason, because it truly is a life changing experience. Here are some tips that have led me to be successful at Mason and I hope that these will help you adjust during your time here. Welcome to Mason!

Lean on your support system

Being an out of state student is exciting! You’re constantly learning about the school, the area, and making new friends. While this is an exciting time to have new experiences, it can also get overwhelming. If you get homesick it is totally normal, so do not be afraid to talk about it! When I got homesick, I would make a point to call my family more, whether it was between classes or after my day ended walking back to my residence hall. I did not know how much those small moments of interacting with my family changed my attitude about being homesick.

Transportation Resources are KEY!

Don’t have a car? No worries! Mason provides different transportation resources for you to be able to get around the area. When I was a freshman, I would always take the bus to go get groceries, shopping, and it even takes students to the Vienna Metro Station.  The bus routes are efficient on campus and run 7 days a week. Be sure to lookout about what times they run, because it can vary on weekdays and weekends.

Get connected

Ever feel like there is nothing happening on campus? Well you are wrong there! Events are always happening at Mason. We have so many organizations that host events like movie nights, open mic nights, social panels, cultural panels, etc. There is also the center of the arts which holds events such as dancing, plays. A lot of these events can be found through getconnected.gmu.edu. Get connected is ultimately a life saver. If you are not sure where an event is being held, go to get connected? Not sure who is hosting the event, go to get connected. You see? Get connected is already in your mind frame and soon you will go to it without a second thought.


Have fun!

You can do George Mason all in one day. Take every day one step at a time and be in the moment. While being at Mason is such a short time of your life, this is the time to make your years count. Join a club, play a sport, there’s no other place to be. Mason is your home now, and we hope that you’ll enjoy this time, take advantage of opportunities, and thrive here at this great institution. Out of state students… Welcome to Mason!